Two Pretty Girls Will Do Anything To Get Hired By You

Two pretty girls compete with each other to be hired by you. Whoever sucks and fucks you the best, gets the job!

Fuck Them In Your Own Home Now!

Two pretty girls have been working for your firm for a probationary period, and now it’s time to decide which of them gets the job full-time. They both found you a little bit creepy, and they noticed you looking at them whenever they came into your office. They thought it was gross, as you’re much older than they are, and you are their boss! But they really enjoy the work and are desperate to land the job. You bring both of the beautiful young ladies into your office, and explain that your company can only afford to hire one of them. Which of them is it to be. You stand towering above the girls, both a little anxious and slightly creeped out, but still eager to be picked by you. You tell them that one of them must show that she can do things that the other just can’t. You lick your lipes, and make a point of thrusting out your hips slightly, with the huge bulge in your pants clearly visible to the girls. They look at each other nervously. Then one of the girls bravely walks forward to you, gets down on her knees, takes your throbbing cock out of your pants, and slides it hesitatingly into her mouth as the other girl looks on. Now the other girl knows, that she must do even more than this, to get your vote!