Mixed Reality Girlfriend Experience With Carolina Sweets.

Your girlfriend Carolina Sweets is in her sexy gym gear, about to set off for her workout. When she notices your throbbing cock, she decides to work out on that instead!

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Carolina Sweets, your gf, is getting ready to go the gym in a very revealing clothing. You’re concerned that she’ll be giving her trainer signs that she’s interested in having sex with him since she works out with him. She says these things to make you feel better about being envious, but you know better. She’s difficult to settle down when she becomes hot, and only a hard dick can do the trick. Thankfully, she cares about you so much that she will not even bother with the gym. Instead, she’ll be working out on your cock, sweating and all. When she works out, she often works hard, doing various exercises and plenty of repetitions. Is this too much of a workout for your dick? Sure, man, you can count on that. Perhaps this has always been her intention. She has been talking about how much she wants to exercise with you.